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how to make you feel hungry

23/11/2010 · As bassackwards as it sounds, eating makes you hungry, not in an hour or so, but over the course of a weeks it will kick in. Without getting into a very complicated subject, it's part of the reason why fat people are always hungry. ... More

how to make google search to make me speak slower

Step 2- Changing Temporary File location of IE and assigning Disk Space. Open Internet Explorer. Search IE in search box of taskbar to find IE. Go to ‘ Settings ’ which you find on upper right corner of … ... More

how to prepare mdpi hdpi xhdpi xxhdpi omages

Googles Android OS uses a directory structure where the assets divide into drawable-mdpi, drawable-hdpi, drawable-xhdpi, drawable-xxhdpi, and drawable-xxxhdpi folders, with each assets sharing a common filename. ... More

how to make rock bag

To buy the stuff to make it, you are going to spend 20 dollars on spores, 5 dollars on the bag, other supplies, then all of the work to get everything else. You will need a pressure cooker and need to process it. I think the only way this makes sense is when it saves you money. It will save you money if you make a bunch of bags and sell them. Making one is a waste of time unless you all ready ... More

how to make a zipgrow tower

Sean will walk you through how to plant a ZipGrow Tower, with a written guide and infographic below! Planting tools & materials To make your planting a swift process, use the right table or planting bench. ... More

how to make a beer tower

Your tower will have supply lines that'll deliver your beer to the faucets. Drop those into your fridge through the PVC pipe and lower the tower onto the counter. Center it, then screw the base ... More

how to make a mini gift

Pour 5 ounces of each salt into a resealable bag (this is a great gift to make in multiples, so double or triple the amounts as desired). To each, add 8 to 12 drops of essential oil (depending on whether you want a subtle or slightly stronger fragrance). Gently shake to mix the contents. With the funnel, pour the salt into a container almost to the top; wash and thoroughly dry the funnel ... More

how to calculate income tax return 2014-15

8/06/2014 · 614 (Income tax) How to adjust losses in tax return (AY 2014 15) Mission ---Make Knowledge free (Best note that i have written tilll date , making concepts very strong ---if … ... More

how to make a technic pack server

Editor's note: Tekkit is available from the Technic Launcher. Grab the launcher and switch it to the Tekkit pack and you are good to go! Grab the launcher and switch it to the Tekkit pack … ... More

how to play roger rabbit sleeping with sirens

Sleeping with Sirens - "Roger Rabbit" Acoustic In-Store 9/17/17 mp3 duration:03:31 - size:4.95MB Play download Add to Playlist Sleeping With Sirens Roger Rabbit mp3 duration: 03:16 - size: 4.59MB ... More

how to make an hall thruster at home

10/01/2016 and recording power consumption by every thrusters or install Hall sensors to every thrusters to measure motor's RPM. Since water sensity is stable you need to learn, record and save RPM speed of every thruster to: ... More

how to make hydrogen gas with zinc and hydrochloric acid

I am looking to produce hydrogen gas in a small amount with supplies I currently have. Most of the methods I have seen involve reacting zinc or magnesium with $\ce{HCl}$ to obtain the gas, but I do not have zinc or magnesium at the moment. ... More

how to make a paper frog that leaps

Due to the unique nature of Frog Fractions’ original release and reaction, the developer, Twinbeard, is being very careful with how he plans to release Frog Fractions 2. ... More

how to make hardwood pliable

Columbia Radius™ shaping your ideas. Add a new dimension to your wood projects with Columbia Radius Bending Plywood. This amazingly flexible board will shape to almost any curved contour. ... More

how to make a concrete skateboard bowl

20/06/2009 · Como fazer um bolw de concreto How to make a concrete bowl. ... More

how to make marshmallow fondant without powdered sugar

Add more powdered sugar, adding a 1/2 cup at a time until it comes to a thicker, but not to thick consistency of fondant. You want it sticky but not to sticky. You want it sticky but not to sticky. Make sure your work surface is very clean, sprinkle generously with sifted powdered sugar. ... More

how to put music bot in discord

Local Music Bot Documentation, Release 1.0.1 The Local Music Bot is a Discord Bot for Local Music with library and role management. If you have any feedback or problems, feel free to add Natsulus#5647on Discord or submit anissue on Githubor ... More

how to run dragon ball xenoverse 2 on pc

The original Dragon Ball Xenoverse was easily one of the best Dragon Ball Z games or recent years, and was also one of the first to arrive on the PC platform. ... More

how to prepare a metal garage door for painting

16/09/2015 Painting Your Metal Garage Door Metal garage doors are a part of many different structures in todays modern day society from residential houses to commercial buildings. Metal garage doors are susceptible to rust and the natural elements, and the garage door should be protected. ... More

how to make giant orbeez

18/11/2018 Watch video Two Japanese Guys make giant water Balloons with Condoms and stuck their head inside it ... More

how to make proper porridge

8/09/2016 · Pret's Proper Porridge is arguably the nicest porridge you can buy... and now you can make it at home with this recipe. ... More

how to make cinamon scrolls no cram

Vanilla Cream Glaze. for one pan of cinnamon rolls. 1 heaping cup of powdered sugar. 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract. 1/4 cup heavy cream . 2 1/2 tablespoons milk. Add sugar to bowl and stir in heavy cream and vanilla until mixture resembles a thick batter. Add milk one tablespoon at a time, stirring until smooth about 3-5 full minutes. Mixture may look lumpy at first but just continue to ... More

how to make your own custom gun skins counter strike

Build Your Own Custom Knife! Customer Reviews "My whole experience with your company was amazing, you went above and beyond to see to it that I got exactly what I wanted. ... More

how to make nutrient agar plates

With your hot mitt remove the flask from the hot stir plate and pour agar into the flask. 10 Place the metal cap back on the flask and place the flask back on the hot stir plate. ... More

how to read a bathymetric map

I have some bathymetric data for a group of small lakes. Data comes from bathymetic soundings and in some cases it can be a few thousands of points. I need to generate the bathymetric map of the lakes ... More

how to make probiotic vegetables

The levels of probiotic bacteria in the drink are very high colony producing levels high. And certain formulations contain Bifudobacterium lactis, along with several other major strains of good bacteria and yeasts. There are actually compounds within the kefir that shield it as it passes through the digestive tract. The water-type of kefir is not lumpy and can be mixed into juice to make ... More

how to make pictures watermark

Tada! You’ve added a watermark to your photo. Now whenever you export a photo or batch of photos in Lightroom, you just have to make sure that box is checked and your watermark will appear in the same place on all your photos. ... More

how to make a pitcher of sex on the beach

25/07/2018 This Sex on the Beach recipe is very easy to make. It is also really easy to adapt the quantity. You can a make yourself on drink, or serve it to 10 friends in a pitcher ... More

how to open dbf file in excel online

XLS (Excel) to DBF allows you to convert your XLS files to DBF format. It is very simple to use. It supports both Excel formats, 98-2003 and 2007. The program supports command line interface. It is very simple to use. ... More

how to make money in skyrim xbox 360

Mods are not compatible with the PS3, Xbox 360, or Nintendo Switch versions of Skyrim. How to Install Skyrim: Special Edition Mods for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Skyrim: Special Edition is a version of Skyrim that is available for PC and consoles, and it is designed to make the modding process very easy. ... More

how to make unique loom bands

Learning how to make loom band bracelets is easy. The first step is getting your Loom Band tool kit ready and soon enough you will be well on your way and weaving your own unique loom bracelets like a … ... More

how to make samosa shape with filo pastry

How to make Baked Potato & Peas Samosa With Phyllo Pastry Recipe To begin making the Baked Peas Samosa with Phyllo Dough Recipe, firstly we will boil the … ... More

how to make a driveway a play area

Select the pavement area you want to look wet in the top layer. Use Image>Adjustments>Curves… to bring up the Curves dialog box. Click on the lower left section of the curves line and drag it to the right until the pavement area selected darkens so it looks wet. ... More

how to make porcelain tile less slippery

Try using SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish with ND Aggregate TM which I have successfully used on my hardwood floors, concrete driveway, and painted garage floors, and in my ceramic tile bathroom. ... More

how to make campdraft reins

We prefer rope reins, as they are economical and wear well and handle water and sweat without slipping. Horse Leg Protection In a sport that has so many changes of direction, speed, and surface, it pays to have sufficient support during competition to support against knocks and injury and accidents. ... More

how to make a soccer craft

14/09/2011 Welcome to Crafty Soccer Mom! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :) If you are new here, I would love for you to follow me via Google Friend Connect, E-mail, and/or Pinterest. ... More

how to make simple matar paneer in hindi

21/02/2017 Matar paneer is one of the popular and easy paneer recipes in all north Indian paneer recipes. Basically paneer and matar is cooked in onion and tomato based gravy. It can be a good side dish in ... More

how to make a shirley temple

Stylish Life - Stylish Home Vera Sweeney – mom, blogger, and New York resident – is the founder of Lady and the Blog. Her main focus is to help busy women stay on … ... More

how to move imperial item bdo

This guide talks about the most efficient ways I’ve found for acquiring T9 items. Before I start, there are two threads I want to link to: https://community.blackdesertonline…ystem-and-pegasus-awakening-tier-9-guide.209/ – If you don’t know how T9 awakening works at all, you should read this guide. ... More

how to make play doh animals

What I learned: Plastic animals make great imprints in play dough and are a great addition or alternative to cookie cutters. Inspiration: Sugar Aunts did this as an extension of their brilliant Play Dough ... More

how to make money on nicehash

Nicehash sells this service of betting on altcoins or even betting on Bitcoin based on the 24 hour mark you purchase. its a gamble if you make a profit because they will always sell the hash rate at the cost of what it would make if it was at that speed for 24 hours. ... More

how to make brood frames youtube

9/02/2018 · How to Frame a Doorway. Framing a doorway is an integral part of constructing a new wall. Whether you're placing a door in an interior or exterior wall, the process is the same. Anyone with any experience marking and cutting lumber and... Framing a doorway is an integral part of constructing a new wall. Whether you're placing a door in an interior or exterior wall, the process is the same ... More

how to say hobbies in french

28/09/2006 · Can anyone tell me how to say "hobbies" in french. I do not want to use passe-temps, but just want to know how to pluralize "hobby". Thank You. ... More

how to make quick cash fast

Items you can sell to make money fast: Sell your game consoles (Nintendo, Playstation and Xboxs). They often sell quickly, fetch decent prices and can provide fast money. Sell your DSLR camera. Most families have purchased an expensive camera, only to never really use it. Opt instead to sell it on eBay its a quick way to save money. List unwanted furniture on Gum Tree. Its free to ... More

how to make rats come out

Rats can chew on electrical wires, which can lead to shorts or even electrical fires in attics. Then there's the matter of the droppings and the disease that they spread. Best to have the problem taken care of before it gets worse. ... More

how to open tmp file

Open your .tmp file with a reader which can open the file. Print the file on the virtual PDF24 PDF printer. The PDF24 assistant opens, where you can save as a PDF, email, fax, or edit the new file. More about the PDF24 Creator. Alternative way to convert a TMP file to a PDF file. PDF24 provides several online tools which can be used to create PDF files. Supported files are added on a rolling ... More

how to prepare irish moss tea

Buy Irish Moss Herb Online from Woodland Herbs, the UK's best herbal dispensary. Great prices and fast delivery. Great prices and fast delivery. This site uses cookies to make it … ... More

how to say donkey in hebrew

Anyways, the post is not about the Donkey Challenge or other Donkey Jokes, it is about the hard-working donkeys you find in Petra, mentioned in the Bible by that name; rather, it is called by its Hebrew name, Sela in Isaiah 16:1 and 2 Kings 14:7. ... More

how to make fat cakes without yeast

/ Easy Glazed Doughnuts Recipe How to Make Doughnuts without Yeast Yeast Free Cake Doughnuts Recipe. Easy Glazed Doughnuts Recipe How to Make Doughnuts without Yeast Yeast Free Cake Doughnuts Recipe . Spread the Joy! ... More

how to make balloon pants

How to make latest designer dhoti harem pants cutting and stitching tutorial DIY (Hindi version) ... More

how to open emails on my samsung

Backup Samsung Messages to Computer Click "Back Up Your Phone" on the Homepage. Then, in the middle section, select "Text messages" and hit the "Start Copy" button below in order to begin the backup process. When it's done, you messages are safe with your computer. ... More

how to receive a tax offset

20/05/2013 · ESTIMATED TIME to receive offset money 1) From the day of approval from the non custodial parent. It takes up to 14 days to be sent to the OAG. ... More

how to make a drag and drop game in powerpoint

22/03/2014 Hi guys, Below is a snapshot which shows what I need I'm trying to teach adjectives (converted from nouns) and I would like to make a game which allow visitors to drag and drop the word from the right to the left empty boxes. ... More

how to make tamarind seed extract

We are dedicatedly involved in manufacturing and exporting excellent quality Tamarind Seed Extract. The extract is known for its exceptional benefits in skin care. ... More

how to make virtual memory in windows xp

17/11/2008 Given that 32bit windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 cannot address much more than 3GB RAM, and that hardware considerations may reduce this, If a machine has 4GB memory installed (e.g. 2x2GB) Is it possible for the remaining memory (if any) up to 1GB to be used as a RAMDRIVE. ... More

how to make a cv for job format

Write in reverse chronological order, job title, organisation and dates (only month and year necessary). Include jobs you did as a student only if they are relevant to your application. Do not write a job description unless the employment is directly relevant to the post you are applying for. ... More

how to make hot glue gun at home easy

For a hot glue gun that will scorch the competition, the Surebonder Pro2 Industrial Glue Gun is a clear winner. This full-size glue gun with a 220W heater will reach temperatures hot enough for any craft project, and perfect for any industrial application. ... More

how to make a lead pickaxe in terraria

I want to mine my hardmode metals but my regular pickaxes don't work (I have a gold and a lead pickaxe). I did some research and I need a molten pickaxe or a reaver shark. ... More

how to make a bristol stool chart cake

Type 1 has spent the longest time in the colon and type 7 has spent the least. Stools at the lumpy end of the scale are hard to pass and often require a lot of straining. ... More

how to make mutual friends on facebook in mobile

8/08/2018 For example, people might see who their mutual friends are, if you have any in common, when they visit your Facebook profile page. Additionally, they might see you on someone else's friends ... More

how to put power of attorney into effect

An Enduring Power of Attorney generally covers financial and legal matters, including the power to sell property, however you can put conditions or restrictions ... More

how to make a good long island iced tea

how to make a long island iced tea Firstly, fill a Boston tin with cubed ice and add the lemon puree. Then pour in all the alcoholic ingredients and give everything a really good shake (ideally for around ten seconds). ... More

how to make wearable witch shoes

As a professor of “Wearable Technology,” I find the term difficult to explain to the rest of the world. DIY electronics communities, focused on fashion-tech and hobbyist wearables, have diverged from consumer wearable electronics. ... More

how to make large quantities of tea

Large quantities of kombucha can be quite hard on your liver over several years or in high doses. Kombucha contains a high level of aldehydes, which are liver-toxic. So give it a break for a month or two each year. After several years of drinking it, take an even longer break. ... More

how to make slime with 2 ingredients with glue

Make Slime For Kids How To Make Slime Diy Fluffy Slime Making Fluffy Slime Ingredients For Fluffy Slime Recipe For Fluffy Slime Recipe For Slime Slime No Glue Diy Slime Forward How to make slime - a fluffy slime recipe to try out for a fun kids activity using Elmers glue ... More

how to make chocolate strawberries on a stick

You can also view tips in the video How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Strawberry Preparation. Clean the strawberries thorougly to remove dirt and dust. Allow the strawberries to dry completely. If there is any moisture left, the chocolate has a tendency not to stick to the strawberry. Melt the Chocolate. The chocolate ... More

how to make ice boots in minecraft pe

I wanted to make Minecraft a lot harder, so I decided to create a world with an unusual dungeons, structures, Islands and bring more life into the world. Category: Maps MC Version: 1.13.1 ... More

how to play my girl on guitar chords

Songs such as The Girl From Ipanema, So Danco Samba and Exactly Like You all use the A section Take The A Train chords. This article will focus on 3 different ways that you can comp, what’s known amongst jazz musicians, as the “Take The A Train chords”. ... More

how to make small rooms seem bigger

Having chunky furniture is a luxury someone with small rooms cannot afford. So if you do not have the space for a proper chest of drawers or a wardrobe, swap them for a clothes rail instead. ... More

how to make a facebook freind a host

If you want to comment on something but weren't tagged, ask a mutual friend to leave a comment tagging you. Once you've been tagged -- depending on the original user's privacy settings -- you can leave the comment you want to make. ... More

how to make a guillotine wikihow

23/09/2017 · We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, These work almost just as well as guillotine clippers. Just make sure that the clippers are sharp enough to cut the nails. You should not use the nail clippers on yourself after using them on your cat. Instead, buy a different pair to use just for your cat. 2. Slide the nail between the blades. To clip the claw with human nail ... More

how to make hardcore punk

It was the punk/hardcore stuff that resonated with me. I still to this day have a tape you made me in 1985 with a bunch of East coast hardcore bands on it (76% Uncertain, Bad Brains, SSD, Sacred Denial, Beastie Boys ep, etc). ... More

how to make a messy bun with curly hair

So, enjoy your curly hair, it will help you create many different and gorgeous hairstyles, while the flat hair will allow you to make only sleek ponytails, nothing messy, unless you curl it before. The hairstyle is an element of the whole look that can contribute to your personal style. ... More

how to put volume in hair

Dont forget to try dry shampoo to add volume and completely refresh your hair mid day or in between shampoos. I cant live without this product. I cant live without this product. After you have added volume is the perfect time to curl your hair and get it to last. ... More

how to prepare blue board for tiling

To see where the tile will end at the top of the installation, make a jury stick: Mark a straight board using the tiles and spacers for the vertical layout. Hold it up to the wall to check. If you have tiny slivers of tile at the top, adjust the layout down and redraw your reference line. ... More

how to say allowed in germnan

Some German commentators now point to how Hitler modernised Germany, how he improved the health and living standards of his people (unless they happened to be Jewish or failed in some other way to ... More

how to make healthy tortilla bread

These baked low carb zucchini tortillas are healthy, full of flavor, pliable and sturdy enough to use as tortillas for keto tacos and fajitas. If you do a search for zucchini tortillas in the internet, you'll get like a bajillion hits. At first it seems not to be a novel idea. But look a little closer and one will see that there aren't really many recipes that are actually making a tortilla ... More

literature on how to prepare food

Something amazing is happening in the food world right now — vegetables are becoming the cool thing to cook. Chefs, bloggers and home cooks are all embracing more plant-based dishes and one of the great results is an array of dazzling and inspiring vegetable-centric cookbooks. ... More

how to make a batgirl cowl

"pixoholic: “ Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s art never fails to make me happy." "My name is John and I am into Comics, Movies, Artwork, Painting, Rock'n'Roll and Music in General and Pop-Culture in particular. ... More

how to open google sheet in gmail

Sign into your Google Drive account and locate the file. 6. Click to open the file and you can then edit the document as needed within Google Docs . You can also quickly import Google Docs into Open Office in a similar manner. After clicking on Import to Google Docs, just input your credentials, click on Get list and you can select which file you want imported. Click on Open. This extension is ... More

how to check my computer can run battleground

Don't simply run the default, quick system scan which may not include many important parts of your PC. Check that you're scanning every part of every single hard drive and other connected storage device on your computer . ... More

how to make black eyed peas from a can

No Soak Black Eyed Peas Recipe I cant tell you how many years Ive successfully met my black eyed pea quota on New Years Day because of this no-soak recipe. Its not that I dont plan, Ive just learned that soaking really isnt necessary. ... More

how to run 32 bit plugins in 64 bit ableton

11/01/2013 Now that I've been beta testing Ableton Live 9, I've confirmed that you can't use your 32 bit plugins... or can you? *Since I can't release videos using Live 9 ... More

how to make 3d stereo audio

Tutorial 31: 3D Sound This tutorial will cover how to implement 3D sound using Direct Sound in DirectX 11 with C++. The code in this tutorial is based on the earlier Direct Sound tutorial. We will modify the original code so that sounds are now 3D instead of 2D. The first concept with 3D sound is that all sounds now have a 3D position in the world. The x, y, and z position of the sound are the ... More

how to make uneven breasts even

The reason for uneven breasts can differ from woman to woman. Breast size asymmetry can lead to lower confidence in women. So, if you want to even out your breasts, here are some tips. ... More

technic launcher how to make a server

I want to know if you can change the playername used to join servers, so me and my friend can both play a modpack for Technic Launcher using the same account. Is this possible? and if it is, How do... ... More

how to make pizza sauce at home by sanjeev kapoor

5/05/2017 · Watch video · Make Pizza In Tawa Tawa-Pizza-Recipe-No-Yeast-Pizza - Veg Recipes Of India Tawa Pizza Recipe In Hindi - Youtube How To Make Pizza On Tawa Or Pan [Without Oven] - Youtube How To Make Pizza On Tawa - Tawa Pizza Recipe - Youtube Tawa Pizza Recipe - How To Make Pizza On Tawa Or Without Oven पिज्जा तवा पर ... More

how to make focaccia bread fluffy

15/01/2015 · Perfect for feeding a crowd, focaccia is a flavorful and easy-to-make Italian flat bread baked in a sheet pan. It’s made with a yeast dough that rises twice: once … ... More

how to respond to competitors cheating in business

Reputation. Learn the best ways to respond to online reviews, improve on sites like TripAdvisor, and more. ... More

how to make buttercream frosting for russian piping

The Perfect Buttercream for Russian Piping Tips As you know, thin frosting is the biggest reason why people do not see success with Russian piping tips. Below is a recipe that never fails me when I am decorating with this tool. ... More

scythe how to pack the box

Note: insert designed for game with external box dimensions of 37.0 x 30.0 x 10.2 cm This Campaign 2 insert is designed to be compatible with Scythe ® , and the Invaders from Afar ® expansion. ... More

how to make the colour mustard

Mustard yellow blends well with black so it?s a good idea to tap a mustard colorblocked dress. Wear this dress a la Victoria Beckham, pair with black ultra high pumps, black clutch, and make sure to add black sunglasses. ... More

how to make a competition on facebook

The Facebook competition guideline changes last year mean that you are now allowed to ask your audience to upload their photos to your page to enter. If you want to allow voting you can ask people to click Like under the photo that they want to win. ... More

how to make peppermint bark video

Lift the bark out of the pan using the foil and break it into pieces. Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 weeks. Store in an airtight container at room ... More

how to make gravy out of pan drippings

Its usually served with a creamy country gravy, made with some of the drippings from the pan. Its made most Its made most Recipe from blog SimplyRecipes.com. ... More

how to make chicken katsu

Try chicken tenderloins instead of breast and serve with a generous bowl of katsu sauce for dipping. This is a great idea for entertaining! This is a great idea for entertaining! Made With ... More

department of homeland security active shooter how to respond

Project Description . Background: In 2008, the Department of Homeland Security released recommendations for a proactive approach to active shooter response. ... More

how to make an apple smoothie without yogurt

Sweet, nutritious and dirt cheap in autumn and winter, apples make a yummy and nutritious snack for your toddler. When you blend apples into a homemade smoothie, you get the cold, thirst-quenching goodness of apple juice without all that extra sugar -- and with the protein and calcium of milk to boot! ... More

how to make mini cooler

Battery-Powered Portable Fans. When you need air on the go, cut the cord and go with a portable fan. Battery-powered fans don't limit you to requiring an outlet to cool off, as you can easily take these home appliances that offer numerous features with you wherever you go. ... More

how to play cs go online on steam

The effects of the game ban are determined by the developer, and must be consistent with a VAC ban, such as being prevented from playing online with other players and/or trading items for that game. It cannot prevent the user from launching and playing the game offline. It cannot prevent the user from using Steam. ... More

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how to make scented shelf paper

"Scented Drawer Liner Paper Roll - The pulls are basically connected to drawers to make it more easy to pull the drawers out" "Natural Fragrance Reed Diffuser Berry Delight New Arrivals with size 1904 X 1904 Millefiori Scented Drawer Lining Paper - Drawers make excellent storage co"

kpop song how to love

Do any of you guys have a good reccomendation of kpop songs about unrequited Love? Since I don't understand Korea so I don't have idea which song on my iTunes/music player is telling about unrequited love...

how to make a rose out of sugarpaste

How to Make a Realistic Rose Out of Tissue Paper. Tissue paper roses are perfect to use as decorations, gifts or for scrapbooking. Not only are they inexpensive, but if you know someone with allergies they are a good alternative to the real flowers. Thin sheets of tissue paper make it possible to copy the look and texture of a real rose. Rather...

how to make a certificate pc

If you have multiple Windows servers that need to use the same SSL certificate, such as in a load-balancer environment or using a wildcard or UC SSL certificates, you can export the certificate to .pfx file and import it on a new Windows server.

how to make a mini ballistic knife

Ever wondered what it's like to fly in a Red Arrow? Thanks to #RAF100 I got to fly in one!...

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